We've incorporated a charity which helps parents who are unable to provide for their young children in the United Kingdom. The charity is funded through a percentage of the revenue made by Baby Years. We are extremely excited to help those in need of our service, every child has the right be kept warm and safe during all times of the year.
We hold monthly events in numerous locations around the united kingdom, giving various items to those in need, this may be clothes, food, electric, gas and  accommodation. Furthermore, we are planning to team up with local councils to help boroughs around England.
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Physiology behind a Childs mental health  
In the first few years of a child's life, there are critical periods of self-development that have an impact on their mental, social, and physical frameworks of later life these can be hindered and adversely affected by deprivation of essential needs. 
Experience plays an essential role in building brain architecture after birth. Evidence is clear that deprivation can lead to a host of both short and long-term consequences, including alteration in brain structure and function, changes at cellular and molecular levels, and a plethora of psychological and behavioral impairments.  
Children living in poverty experience double jeopardy. First, they are exposed more frequently to such risks as medical illnesses, family stress, inadequate social support, and parental depression. Secondly, they experience more serious consequences from these risks than do children from higher socioeconomic status. It is the synergistic double jeopardy of increased exposure to and greater effects from environmental risks that predisposes children living in poverty to adverse developmental outcomes.
Thank you for your support
Written by Jamie Paradise - Founder